Welcome to the first BetaList AMA! AMA is short for Ask Me Anything. These are interviews with experts where you ask the questions, about their startup journey, lessons learned and advice for your own startup.

Patrick McKenzie

My name Patrick McKenzie (also known as patio11) and I'm an ex-Japanese salaryman who currently runs a small software business. I've consulted regarding SEO, conversion optimization, and marketing for companies like Fog Creek, 37signals, and WPEngine. I also write a blog and newsletter about these same topics and have created video courses on lifecycle emails and conversion optimization for software companies.

Moderator's note: Patrick writes some of my favorite startup articles filled with practical advice. I highly recommend you check out his blog and subscribe to his newsletter. I also suggest checking out his upcoming video course on conversion optimization and A/B testing for software companies. Lastly, be sure to take this unique opportunity to ask him your questions about these topics. I've heard he normally charges a pretty hefty sum for his expertise and you're getting it for free. Give it up for Patrick! :)

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