Welcome to the third BetaList AMA! AMA is short for Ask Me Anything. These are interviews with experts where you ask the questions, about their startup journey, lessons learned and advice for your own startup.

Nick Disabato

I’m Nick Disabato, a designer and writer from Chicago. I run Draft, a small design consultancy. I’m probably most known for A/B testing with Draft Revise and Revise Express. I also wrote Cadence & Slang, a very small book about interaction design. My latest course is The A/B Testing Manual, which teaches you how to use research-driven A/B tests to improve your brand strategy, company values, and your product itself.

Ask me anything about A/B testing, interaction design, or anything else.

Moderator's note: We're really excited to have Nick answer our questions. Optimizing your product through A/B testing can seem quite daunting, but Nick makes it very approachable. If you want to learn more about these topics I suggest you check out his newsletter and A/B Testing Manual.

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